English is my second language. I learned it first (like all kids around my block) from unsubtitled animated cartoons. And later, from school.

Around age 7 I cracked a mystery. I found out that “doc” is an abbreviation for “doctor”. This triggered other memories of me hearing “what’s up” and…

About the moderated decentralized community

Feedback from the trenches of independent contribution, for the creator of Ethereum

Paraphrasing one of my patrons: Ethereum, I expect nothing from you other than what you yourself expect from your highest self.

DISCLAIMER(s): In the following, I am bound to hurt some feelings…

Read it on Github with syntax highlighting.

In Trustless-Bridging Ethereum (EVM) Blockchains — Part 1: Basics you saw that we have the tools to prove any momentary state change that happened on chain A, on another chain B, assuming that chain B has access to trustworthy chain A block hashes.

Read it on Github with syntax highlighting.

With the emerging proposals for integrating the EVM in Ethereum 2.0 ( https://ethresear.ch/t/executable-beacon-chain/8271), this EVM to EVM trustless two-directional bridge series comes at just the right moment. It can bridge Ethereum 1 to Ethereum 2. And the other way around.

A Symmetrical Light Client

A Light Client

Read it on GitHub: https://github.com/moral-upgrade-license/mul

The Last Flinch of a Dying Demon

There is an artificially induced financial stability in the world, which obscures the actual value of our work. If we are part of a guild — e.g. programmers, we expect our salary to be in a certain range, regardless of what we do. And these…

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For illustrating our journey, we will use the Yul language. Yul compiles to both WebAssembly and EVM bytecode.

If you want to run the examples, it can be done with https://remix.ethereum.org:

  • choose Yul as the compiled language, use the raw calldata input, check the return value using…

Read on Github.

tags: Taylor, Ethereum, Solidity, Yul, eWasm, WebAssembly

This is a gradual introduction to my talk at the Solidity Summit, Wednesday, 29th of April at 2:50:00 PM CEST. Agenda.


For illustrating our journey, we will use the Yul language (that compiles to Ethereum 1.0 and Wasm bytecode).


Read on GitHub.

tags: Taylor , Yul, Ethereum, WebAssembly,ewasm

For illustrating our journey, we will use the Yul language (that compiles to Ethereum 1.0 and WebAssembly bytecode).

Anatomy of a Stack Runtime

object "ContractA" {
code {
datacopy(0, dataoffset("Runtime"), datasize("Runtime"))…

Imagine a space where you can freely explore a data set along several spatial indexes, such as in the following scene from “The Matrix”:

Types. Lots of subtype polymorphism.

Neo said “Guns. Lots of guns”. In reality, he would be in a logistics bottleneck: too many options and too…

This is a proposal, following the principles laid out in The Unicorn article. It also further explores solutions to problems presented in I Have Gambled and Lost Devcon5.

It can also be found in https://github.com/one-unicorn/theunicorn. Discussions: https://gitter.im/one-unicorn/community.


We define the plugem (the “m” signifies “multi”) as the type of plugin…

Loredana Cirstea

Building bricks for the World Computer #ethereum #Pipeline #dType #EIP1900 https://github.com/loredanacirstea, https://www.youtube.com/c/LoredanaCirstea

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