English is my second language. I learned it first (like all kids around my block) from unsubtitled animated cartoons. And later, from school.

Around age 7 I cracked a mystery. I found out that “doc” is an abbreviation for “doctor”. This triggered other memories of me hearing “what’s up” and understanding it is a form of salutation. And I got an epiphany: “What’s up doc?”, this is what that Bugs Bunny character was saying all along! I and all the children around my block were simply emitting similar-sounding gibberish up until that point, such as “watchoffduck”.

I had no idea…

Loredana Cirstea

Building bricks for the World Computer #ethereum #Pipeline #dType #EIP1900 https://github.com/loredanacirstea, https://www.youtube.com/c/LoredanaCirstea

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