A Future Thing: The Global App

0 --------------- # aisle side
1 --------------- # aisle side
-> Neo & Trinity # aisle
2 ---------------
3 ---------------

Definition and Use

  • any modern Operating System
  • games such as Minecraft
  • the Internet + the browser + a densely-connected site such as Wikipedia or Google


A Context of Typed Data

The List of Types

The List of Functions with Types as Input/Output

A Menu

A Loader of Libraries

A Data Input/Output Control

A Work Environment


With WASM and JS

With Blockchain and JS

With Dynamic Libs (FFI) and JS

Present Tech That Leads There



You, Now

  • use the dtypei crates to compile your wasm lib and your lib will become part of the first Global App PoC
  • make Pipeline graphs for WASM or Ethereum
  • use dtype to define new types and propose them to the dtype team
  • understand well the concept of Global App and share your understanding with other developers and visionaries.



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