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  • Joscha Bach

    Joscha Bach

    Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Architectures, Computationalism, occasional consumption of caffeinated beverages

  • Eric Elliott

    Eric Elliott

    Make some magic. #JavaScript

  • Maths and Musings

    Maths and Musings

    I study Mathematics at Cambridge; I write about mathematics, and sometimes dream about it too. Hope to make hard math accessible. https://twitter.com/MathmoThe

  • Martin Novak

    Martin Novak

    Martin is a product manager at work, a software developer in his free time, and an entrepreneur at heart.

  • Rob Hitchens

    Rob Hitchens


  • Philipp Seifert

    Philipp Seifert

    Bringing benefits #Ethereum to real people

  • Yann Levreau

    Yann Levreau

  • Victor Maia

    Victor Maia

    I’m something that possibly exists

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